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Epic $3,700 Single Day Cash Rape

Imagine it. $3,500 cash in your hands. You worked hard for this. You just lost your job, but at least you have your last paycheck to tie you over. But what should you do with that cash? Should you put it in your saving’s account? Should you pre-pay your mortgage? Fuck NO. You should drive […]

Faggot Focus: SFSlave – $1,444.15 Tribute

I have decided to start a new series called “Faggot Focus” where periodically I choose one of my most loyal or pathetic cash slaves and focus on that faggot. This inaugural post will feature the infamous @sfslave, who yesterday gave me the single largest tribute up to this point. In case you missed it in […]

Confessions from SFSlave

Sometimes my slaves write me something worthy of being posted on my site. Earlier this week SFSlave did just that. Enjoy faggots… Master: i paid my monthly $200 on the 15th per our contract. But it is the 19th and i have been longing so i reached out and you even made me a 10sec […]