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Faggot Focus: FHoleSlave – $4,837.76 in Cash

Today’s Faggot Focus is on FHoleSlave and his service to me. This little slave is one of my loyal and dedicated subjects. Just like a good little pup eager to please his Master and learn new tricks, FHoleSlave has been working hard for me right from the start. This slave has been serving me for […]

2015 Year in Review – $54,703.68 in Cash

Cash Slaves, This year has been fucking great!! 2015 was my first complete year in the domination scene, and I raped almost $55k from my weak pathetic slaves. This last month shows the sort of growth I have experienced in just 1 year. In December, I collected $9,107.46 in cash tributes and $1,134.92 in Amazon […]

3 Cash Fags That Got Seriously Drained For Jaxmas

Faggots, this Jaxmas was the best one yet. As I am wrapping up my first year in the domination scene, I’m proud as fuck at the empire I have built so far. My faggots are working harder than ever to tribute more and more of their fag cash to me. I feel the power flow […]

Chance For One Lucky Slave…

UPDATED Sept. 8, 2015- @dadslave has paid for my weekend hotel bill. Keep checking back for new opportunities to impress me.  Slaves, As one of the most successful Masters in the known universe, I have a lot of slaves to manage. You inferior fucks need a shit-ton of guidance and abuse to keep you in […]