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World’s Greatest International Master Vacations in Costa Rica

Read the fucking title. Yes, I am the world’s foremost Master having already spent 3 years making one trip around the world. Next year I will circle the globe once more starting in Europe and draining fags all along the way. Today, I am in Costa Rica on another vacation… another vacation? Yes… this is […]

Faggot Focus: FHoleSlave – $4,837.76 in Cash

Today’s Faggot Focus is on FHoleSlave and his service to me. This little slave is one of my loyal and dedicated subjects. Just like a good little pup eager to please his Master and learn new tricks, FHoleSlave has been working hard for me right from the start. This slave has been serving me for […]

2016 Cash Total Surpasses 2015 with 3 Months Left!

Faggots, this is some exciting news. Just got the cash log updated and the new total for 2016 is $55,252.40. This breaks last year’s total of $54,703.68, and there is still Oct, Nov, and Dec left of this year to bring that cash total even higher! Not only do we have Jaxgiving next month and […]

$3,700 in 200 Club Tributes Last Month! HOLY FUCK!

Fuckers, last night I updated my cash log. Fucking epic! In just the last month I’ve drained close to $9,000, and while that is awesome… I know going forward there will continue to be more slaves serving and even more cash flowing into my bank account. Last week I went up to North Carolina and […]

Approved- New Apartment in Florida

That’s right little slaves, Master Jax has been approved for his new apartment in Florida. Next month I will be moving back to FL after a three-year round the world trip. Now I have secured an awesome apartment in my top choice location. This combined with my large cash reserves and stockpile of amazon gifts […]

3 Cash Fags That Got Seriously Drained For Jaxmas

Faggots, this Jaxmas was the best one yet. As I am wrapping up my first year in the domination scene, I’m proud as fuck at the empire I have built so far. My faggots are working harder than ever to tribute more and more of their fag cash to me. I feel the power flow […]

Last Week of 2015 – Over $50,000 in Cash Raped!

Faggots it is the end of the year, and that means this is your last chance to drain your cash into my 2015 totals. Right now I’m at over $51,000 cash tributes for the year and over $5,000 in gifts. But you know your Master always craves more, and that’s just what you were put […]

Vacation and Real Time Meets in Los Angeles

Seems like I just returned from a vacation in Cancun… and NYC… and North Carolina… and my cruise… and Taxco… Fuck, I take a lot of vacations! Now it looks like I am headed to LA from Dec. 3-8 for some relaxation and real time meets with my Cali faggots. I’m going to be staying […]

Becoming a Financial slave to Master JAX

Wow, you faggots are going nuts. I can’t keep up with you pathetic fucks looking for guidance and a REAL MASTER—one who understands you and isn’t just a fly by night loser. Just like you faggots only want a real Master… I only want to work with real slaves. A handful of good slaves that […]