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$510 Cashraped in the Last 2 Days

Just enjoying my life and being served by all my little slaves. Over the last two days I have drained over $500 in a matter of minutes. Now get your little dicks out and look at their tributes; @Fagboy23 This faggot is relatively new to my domain, but that didn’t stop him from spending over […]

World’s Greatest International Master Vacations in Costa Rica

Read the fucking title. Yes, I am the world’s foremost Master having already spent 3 years making one trip around the world. Next year I will circle the globe once more starting in Europe and draining fags all along the way. Today, I am in Costa Rica on another vacation… another vacation? Yes… this is […]

Latest YouTube Video Causes Nice Drains Via Pay My Bills

Faggots, you fucks are so easy to mold, drain, and manipulate. Last week I noticed that it had been a while since I posted any new bills in the Pay My Bills section of my website. So, I took a photo of a couple of my bills for the day and I made a quick […]

Daily Details – Oct 16, 2016 — $818.00 in Cash Tributes

Your generous Master has decided to treat you fag fuckers to another special treat—a DAILY DETAILS post. There was so much positive reaction to the last one that I know you fuckers will enjoy this one about yesterday, Oct 16th. The morning started off pretty typical. Woke up and took a shit. Ironically, right after […]

Kayak Camping in the 10,000 Islands and Tributes from Yesterday’s Cash Fags

Faggots, I just returned from an awesome couple days of camping down in the 10,000 Islands. I had a fucking amazing time, and the best part was using your cash and gifts to pay for the whole thing. My life truly is a constant vacation. I drain and spend and travel. My new $3500 kayak […]

Alpha Cash Master in NYC for a Week

Faggots, I am just wrapping an awesome week in NYC. I scheduled two real time meets with some of my NY slaves, and I had a great time getting worshipped like the King I am. My loyal slaves made quick work piling up cash as they stopped by to kiss and grovel at my huge […]

$3,700 in 200 Club Tributes Last Month! HOLY FUCK!

Fuckers, last night I updated my cash log. Fucking epic! In just the last month I’ve drained close to $9,000, and while that is awesome… I know going forward there will continue to be more slaves serving and even more cash flowing into my bank account. Last week I went up to North Carolina and […]

Relaxing on a Secluded Island for the Week

Fuckers, Your Master has been out enjoying an amazing beach vacation on a private island reachable only by ferry or helicopter. I am headed back home tomorrow, but just felt like my faggots should know that I am living my awesome life every fucking day. Here are a few pics for you faggots.

$1200 Wallet Drain from FagFeetSlave

A couple weeks ago FagFeetSlave showed up on my website. He bought a few vids, made a Jaxmas tribute, and sent me an email inquiring about buying one of my old Asics. The faggot never did end up buying the shoe, because once we started chatting on my website and via skype, the slave was […]

Back from My Second Real-Time Meet with RJSlave

I know you slaves have been eagerly awaiting this post, and yes I have returned from my second real-time meet with the pathetic faggot, RJSlave. Despite not having as much time together as the previous meet, I was able to get in a decent amount of play with one of my favorite faggot fucks. The […]