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Wrapping Up Costa Rican Vacation

Faggots. I am sitting here at the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica waiting on my delayed flight back to the United States, and I figured now would be a good time to write up a quick blog post telling you fucks what an awesome time I had. Because I have already traveled around the […]

Faggot Focus: FHoleSlave – $4,837.76 in Cash

Today’s Faggot Focus is on FHoleSlave and his service to me. This little slave is one of my loyal and dedicated subjects. Just like a good little pup eager to please his Master and learn new tricks, FHoleSlave has been working hard for me right from the start. This slave has been serving me for […]

Daily Details – Oct 16, 2016 — $818.00 in Cash Tributes

Your generous Master has decided to treat you fag fuckers to another special treat—a DAILY DETAILS post. There was so much positive reaction to the last one that I know you fuckers will enjoy this one about yesterday, Oct 16th. The morning started off pretty typical. Woke up and took a shit. Ironically, right after […]

2016 Cash Total Surpasses 2015 with 3 Months Left!

Faggots, this is some exciting news. Just got the cash log updated and the new total for 2016 is $55,252.40. This breaks last year’s total of $54,703.68, and there is still Oct, Nov, and Dec left of this year to bring that cash total even higher! Not only do we have Jaxgiving next month and […]

Kayak Camping in the 10,000 Islands and Tributes from Yesterday’s Cash Fags

Faggots, I just returned from an awesome couple days of camping down in the 10,000 Islands. I had a fucking amazing time, and the best part was using your cash and gifts to pay for the whole thing. My life truly is a constant vacation. I drain and spend and travel. My new $3500 kayak […]

Master Jax is Going to NYC – Sept 10-14

Slave fucks, another month- another vacation. At least that is how things work in my Kingdom. And where else would a King go to in the USA but Manhattan? That’s right fags. I just booked a surprise vacation up in NYC, and I might just be able to squeeze a few worship and draining sessions […]

Another Day Relaxing in the Hot Tub

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat’s an average day in the life of Master Jax? Good question. Unlike you fucks who spend all day working day after day with just a brief period here and there for a vacation, I am on vacation every single day. So there isn’t an average day. Sometimes I wake up early and decide to […]

Master Jax Moves to Florida Today

Faggots, Today is the day. Later this evening I will head to the airport and leave Mexico City for my new Jax Pad in Florida. Three years of world travel are coming to an end as I return to my old stomping ground. It’s the end of an era, slaves. But, it is also the […]

50+ Amazon Gifts Purchased For The JaxPad

JaxPad Wish List Update- Faggots, this is fucking insane. Unbelievable. Already more than 50 gifts have been purchased from my JaxPad wishlist— and there is still another month left! Faggots. In 40 days I am moving back to Florida after spending 3 years traveling around the world. I started out backpacking from Guatemala down to […]

DadSlave now Tied for #1 Cash Fag in the 200 Club

Fuckers, last week was amazing. It was the first week of February, and in just 7 days I collected over $2,000 from you faggots. This does not even include all the Amazon gifts you fucks have been buying me for my new Jax Pad. By the way, if you have not yet purchased me a […]