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Footballslave Drains $2,679.40 of Fag Cash in First Month

My life is so fucking amazing sometimes I am even surprised when it gets better. Exactly one month ago today Footballslave discovered my website and began his path to Jax addiction. I just ran a report on my CCBill account for his tributes over the last month, and it looks like the pup has handed […]

$1630 Drained Yesterday!

This last week has been incredible. Since I’ve been back from vacation and draining fags on the regular my numbers are exploding. Yesterday I hit it out of the park. The morning started out with a slave I call my youngbro making two $11 tributes to my Boat Fund. Given that this is a college […]

Welcome FatSlavePeter to the Stable – $560 One Day Drain

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of inducting another slave into my stable of faggots. This slave followed each of the steps outlined in Becoming an Official Slave of Master Jax before ever even contacting me. This is definitely a good way for a faggot to show devotion right from the start. One of the steps […]

SFSlave Extends Contract for Another Year ($5,000+)

My favorite faggots are the loyal ones that have been around a long time and keep coming back for more. SFSlave is one of the best. This faggot has been under contract to serve me for well over a year now, and yesterday we had a meeting on Skype where the faggot signed another addendum […]

Alpha Cash Master in NYC for a Week

Faggots, I am just wrapping an awesome week in NYC. I scheduled two real time meets with some of my NY slaves, and I had a great time getting worshipped like the King I am. My loyal slaves made quick work piling up cash as they stopped by to kiss and grovel at my huge […]

Ending the Week with a Small Cash Rape of FrenchFaggot

Fuckers. I am finally getting settled into my Florida life, and the hurricane and shitty weather is giving me a chance to write a quick blog update. One of my favorite fags to drain returned to his Master after a brief period of trying to control his desire to serve. While he knows it is […]

$2,550 Drain of LiarSlave

As I am sure you fuckers saw from my Cash Log, last week I had a fucking amazing drain of one of my newer fags, LiarSlave. This little fucker is a popperfag. He loves to be totally fucked up on his poppers, and then call his Master and tribute a little bit of cash. However, […]

DadSlave now Tied for #1 Cash Fag in the 200 Club

Fuckers, last week was amazing. It was the first week of February, and in just 7 days I collected over $2,000 from you faggots. This does not even include all the Amazon gifts you fucks have been buying me for my new Jax Pad. By the way, if you have not yet purchased me a […]

Furnish Master Jax’s Florida Jax Pad

Faggot fucks, I am moving back to the superior Alpha country, USA, in exactly 82 days. On April 14, 2016 I will be back in Florida. Click Here to Check Out The Jax Pad Amazon Wishlist From my new location in the United States I will be better positioned to dominate the country with the […]

3 Cash Fags That Got Seriously Drained For Jaxmas

Faggots, this Jaxmas was the best one yet. As I am wrapping up my first year in the domination scene, I’m proud as fuck at the empire I have built so far. My faggots are working harder than ever to tribute more and more of their fag cash to me. I feel the power flow […]