SFSlave Extends Contract for Another Year ($5,000+)

My favorite faggots are the loyal ones that have been around a long time and keep coming back for more. SFSlave is one of the best. This faggot has been under contract to serve me for well over a year now, and yesterday we had a meeting on Skype where the faggot signed another addendum […]

Spending $5k in Fag Cash Today

Your Master is back at it. If you haven’t noticed I’ve been more active in the chat lately and definitely been enjoying kicking back and relaxing while fag after fag stops by to drain their cash into my pockets. One of the benefits of this is that I get to go on shopping sprees whenever […]

Alpha Cash Master in NYC for a Week

Faggots, I am just wrapping an awesome week in NYC. I scheduled two real time meets with some of my NY slaves, and I had a great time getting worshipped like the King I am. My loyal slaves made quick work piling up cash as they stopped by to kiss and grovel at my huge […]

Master Jax is Going to NYC – Sept 10-14

Slave fucks, another month- another vacation. At least that is how things work in my Kingdom. And where else would a King go to in the USA but Manhattan? That’s right fags. I just booked a surprise vacation up in NYC, and I might just be able to squeeze a few worship and draining sessions […]

Another Day Relaxing in the Hot Tub

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat’s an average day in the life of Master Jax? Good question. Unlike you fucks who spend all day working day after day with just a brief period here and there for a vacation, I am on vacation every single day. So there isn’t an average day. Sometimes I wake up early and decide to […]

$3,700 in 200 Club Tributes Last Month! HOLY FUCK!

Fuckers, last night I updated my cash log. Fucking epic! In just the last month I’ve drained close to $9,000, and while that is awesome… I know going forward there will continue to be more slaves serving and even more cash flowing into my bank account. Last week I went up to North Carolina and […]

Ending the Week with a Small Cash Rape of FrenchFaggot

Fuckers. I am finally getting settled into my Florida life, and the hurricane and shitty weather is giving me a chance to write a quick blog update. One of my favorite fags to drain returned to his Master after a brief period of trying to control his desire to serve. While he knows it is […]

Relaxing on a Secluded Island for the Week

Fuckers, Your Master has been out enjoying an amazing beach vacation on a private island reachable only by ferry or helicopter. I am headed back home tomorrow, but just felt like my faggots should know that I am living my awesome life every fucking day. Here are a few pics for you faggots.

Master Jax Moves to Florida Today

Faggots, Today is the day. Later this evening I will head to the airport and leave Mexico City for my new Jax Pad in Florida. Three years of world travel are coming to an end as I return to my old stomping ground. It’s the end of an era, slaves. But, it is also the […]

$2,550 Drain of LiarSlave

As I am sure you fuckers saw from my Cash Log, last week I had a fucking amazing drain of one of my newer fags, LiarSlave. This little fucker is a popperfag. He loves to be totally fucked up on his poppers, and then call his Master and tribute a little bit of cash. However, […]