Monthly Archives: September 2016

(Daily Details) – Sept 25, 2016

Fuckers, I am introducing a new type of blog post called Daily Details that I will be randomly posting to give you a better insight to just how powerful I am. At random, I will choose different days and share with you the details of that day’s cash rapes or whatever happened in my life. […]

SFSlave Extends Contract for Another Year ($5,000+)

My favorite faggots are the loyal ones that have been around a long time and keep coming back for more. SFSlave is one of the best. This faggot has been under contract to serve me for well over a year now, and yesterday we had a meeting on Skype where the faggot signed another addendum […]

Spending $5k in Fag Cash Today

Your Master is back at it. If you haven’t noticed I’ve been more active in the chat lately and definitely been enjoying kicking back and relaxing while fag after fag stops by to drain their cash into my pockets. One of the benefits of this is that I get to go on shopping sprees whenever […]

Alpha Cash Master in NYC for a Week

Faggots, I am just wrapping an awesome week in NYC. I scheduled two real time meets with some of my NY slaves, and I had a great time getting worshipped like the King I am. My loyal slaves made quick work piling up cash as they stopped by to kiss and grovel at my huge […]