Monthly Archives: August 2016

Master Jax is Going to NYC – Sept 10-14

Slave fucks, another month- another vacation. At least that is how things work in my Kingdom. And where else would a King go to in the USA but Manhattan? That’s right fags. I just booked a surprise vacation up in NYC, and I might just be able to squeeze a few worship and draining sessions […]

Another Day Relaxing in the Hot Tub

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat’s an average day in the life of Master Jax? Good question. Unlike you fucks who spend all day working day after day with just a brief period here and there for a vacation, I am on vacation every single day. So there isn’t an average day. Sometimes I wake up early and decide to […]

$3,700 in 200 Club Tributes Last Month! HOLY FUCK!

Fuckers, last night I updated my cash log. Fucking epic! In just the last month I’ve drained close to $9,000, and while that is awesome… I know going forward there will continue to be more slaves serving and even more cash flowing into my bank account. Last week I went up to North Carolina and […]