Monthly Archives: March 2016

AndersonSlave Discovers The New Live Cash Cam Feature

Faggots, 2 days ago I rolled out the Live Cash Cam on my website and since then the tributes have been exploding… as has the membership! In just a day 35 new slaves has signed up, and it looks like many of them have found my cam to be their new place to drain their […]

DadSlave Becomes Number 1 in the 200 Club

DadSlave is probably one of the sickest of you cash faggots. Try as the little fucker might, he is too far lost to me to have any chance of ever returning to a “normal” life—nor should any faggot be cursed with that. Being the generous Master that I am, I allow DadSlave brief periods of […]

Finding Ways to $erve Better – By SydneySlave

**Faggots, Below is a post that was written by SydneySlave. This faggot is a prime example of how all of you should be living. Remember, your purpose in life is to make sacrifices and gladly hand over your cash to your God.** Since becoming one of Master Jax’s official slaves, I’ve been looking for ways […]

SupplicantSlave Buys Master Jax $500 Dining Set – Now It’s Your Turn

If you faggots remember from one of my YouTube videos last month, SupplicantSlave has been purchasing me china for my new apartment. Last month the faggot dropped $200 to purchase two place settings and then another $100 towards my car fund. Normally when faggots say, “I promise I will buy you xyz next month when […]

Approved- New Apartment in Florida

That’s right little slaves, Master Jax has been approved for his new apartment in Florida. Next month I will be moving back to FL after a three-year round the world trip. Now I have secured an awesome apartment in my top choice location. This combined with my large cash reserves and stockpile of amazon gifts […]