Monthly Archives: February 2016

50+ Amazon Gifts Purchased For The JaxPad

JaxPad Wish List Update- Faggots, this is fucking insane. Unbelievable. Already more than 50 gifts have been purchased from my JaxPad wishlist— and there is still another month left! Faggots. In 40 days I am moving back to Florida after spending 3 years traveling around the world. I started out backpacking from Guatemala down to […]

DadSlave now Tied for #1 Cash Fag in the 200 Club

Fuckers, last week was amazing. It was the first week of February, and in just 7 days I collected over $2,000 from you faggots. This does not even include all the Amazon gifts you fucks have been buying me for my new Jax Pad. By the way, if you have not yet purchased me a […]