Monthly Archives: December 2015

3 Cash Fags That Got Seriously Drained For Jaxmas

Faggots, this Jaxmas was the best one yet. As I am wrapping up my first year in the domination scene, I’m proud as fuck at the empire I have built so far. My faggots are working harder than ever to tribute more and more of their fag cash to me. I feel the power flow […]

Last Week of 2015 – Over $50,000 in Cash Raped!

Faggots it is the end of the year, and that means this is your last chance to drain your cash into my 2015 totals. Right now I’m at over $51,000 cash tributes for the year and over $5,000 in gifts. But you know your Master always craves more, and that’s just what you were put […]

Cash Rape in Los Angeles – Over $2600 in 2 Hours

Faggots, I just got back from my vacation in LA. I had an awesome time catching up with my old friends from Florida and checking out the changes since I last visited Los Angeles 8 years ago. For those of you that don’t know, southern California is a hotbed of inferior faggots just looking for […]