Monthly Archives: September 2015

Pay For This Website

Slaves, Every day hundreds of you pathetic faggots flock to my website seeking guidance, superiority, domination, abuse, perfection, and an outlet for your addiction. You are lucky enough to have a Master as intelligent and dedicated as myself to build this domain. But this site comes with certain expenses and one of those is the […]

JimFAG is Back – My Very First Slave

@JimFAG is back. This is the original faggot who found me before I was in the scene. The minute he saw me he just started throwing $100’s at me and telling me how he found his true God. I had no fucking idea what he was going on about, but I took his cash and […]

Chance For One Lucky Slave…

UPDATED Sept. 8, 2015- @dadslave has paid for my weekend hotel bill. Keep checking back for new opportunities to impress me.  Slaves, As one of the most successful Masters in the known universe, I have a lot of slaves to manage. You inferior fucks need a shit-ton of guidance and abuse to keep you in […]

Faggot Focus: SFSlave – $1,444.15 Tribute

I have decided to start a new series called “Faggot Focus” where periodically I choose one of my most loyal or pathetic cash slaves and focus on that faggot. This inaugural post will feature the infamous @sfslave, who yesterday gave me the single largest tribute up to this point. In case you missed it in […]