Monthly Archives: August 2015

Back from My Second Real-Time Meet with RJSlave

I know you slaves have been eagerly awaiting this post, and yes I have returned from my second real-time meet with the pathetic faggot, RJSlave. Despite not having as much time together as the previous meet, I was able to get in a decent amount of play with one of my favorite faggot fucks. The […]

Over $30,000 for the Year and $984.10 in Two Days – I am GOD

As CodySlave updates my Cash Log and HighwindSlave manages my tumblr, GarySlave makes another $200.00 tribute and becomes the first slave to max out the CCBill tribute system not once, but twice. This gets him listed at the top of the $200 Club Page In addition, I have AsianSlave buying my old shoes for $200.00. […]

Used Gym Shoes For Sale – Size 15

Slaves, A couple months ago I put up a pair of my old tennis shoes for sale and the response was overwhelming. Therefore, by popular demand, I am selling another pair of dirty smelly shoes. And since I have the biggest most powerful feet in the world, my smelly gym shoes go for top notch […]