Monthly Archives: February 2015

AshSlave Wallet Rape – $1,400 in 45 Minutes

Holy fuck. I know some of you saw this on the cash log page when I posted it a few days ago. You came running to me in the chat and on skype asking for more information. So here I am to tell you how it happened. AshSlave has been serving me for about 6 […]

How to Tribute to Master Jax: A Primer for New Slaves

By: CodySlave So as Master Jax’s slave empire has grown, new slaves have been arriving on a daily basis, looking to submit to Him.  Having served Master dutifully for the last several months, I thought I would provide some newcomers guidance about how to interact with Master Jax and what to expect as you become […]

Living the Good Life in Mexico

This last week has been fucking awesome. For starters, my loyal footslaves did a nice job paying my rent for the month, just like they did in January! Now I have updated the site with the new March rent fund, and I know you will get that one paid too! Because, why should a superior […]