Monthly Archives: December 2014

Countdown to Real Time with CodySlave

CodySlave has been loyally serving me for a while now. He is one of my original slaves and has completely fallen under my spell. By doing nothing other than just being me and allowing him a few moments of my attention, he has naturally surrendered to my power. He obediently serves me doing anything I […]

Fan Mail: From ZZSlave

Read ZZ fantasy of serving me below…   Hello Master Jax, First, I’d want your feet to be smelly sweaty and dirty. I’d put my face on the floor between your feet. I’d lick and smell your shoes, take them off, then suck on your feet with your socks on. I’d beg you to stuff […]

A New Task For My Slaves

Slaves, Your Master has returned to the United States! It feels awesome to be back in America… we have the best of everything here. Sleeping back in my big bed, buying giant jugs of milk, huge American roads– Awesome. I started off my arrival with 12 Days of Jaxmas—a challenge you slaves completed in about […]

$400+ of Gifts in 12 Hours = Jaxmas

Jaxmas fucking rocks. Yesterday I posted your Day 28 video with instructions to buy me 12 Amazon gifts over the next 12 days. Instead, you slaves bought me all 12 items in a matter of hours. This just goes to show how superior guys like myself get whatever the fuck we want. But now I […]

Fan Messages on Recon

A true Master like myself has an easy life. My slaves are looking for ways to make my life better and free up time for me to enjoy my travels. One such slave, CodySlave, has shown his loyalty by creating a “Recon” page on my behalf and filtering the messages for me. He checks them […]