Monthly Archives: November 2014

10 Things SFSlave Loves About Master Jax

Another good submission from a good slave… Sir: 1) first is your feet and how huge they are 2) your voice, live how manly and casual you are 3) the hair on your toes 4) your legs, they are runner / muscular 5) your smile and the pics of you on your web site 6) […]

Fan Mail: 10 Things ChrisSlave Loves About Master Jax

It the spirit of Thanksgiving I asked you guys to email me a list of the 10 things you like most about me… you know, to show what you are thankful for. Here is a submission from ChrisSlave: 1. The scruff. Woof. 2. The almost cocky confidence. 3. Your raspy, sultry voice. 4. The low […]

Fan Mail: Assignment from Day 9

Just wanted to share with you footslaves an email response from my assignment in the Youtube Video I made (Day 9): In this video I ordered my fans to send me a message letting me know what they would do if they got to worship me in real time. Here is one response from SeanSlave: […]

Huge Feet Come to Tuscany

Aight, Everyone say thank you to Mexican Foot Slave for convincing me to update my blog more often… and for buying me shit on my Amazon Wishlist. I guess it worked because here is an update. As you fags probably know from reading through my blog, I spend your money traveling the world. In the […]